One of my fav pics from the @thecheerleadermag shoot with my #wcw Ariana 👭📷
Lol Sandi Davies in the back
The picture #SummitSunday  (at Disney World Orlando Florida)
Anonymous: Are you going to the summit!!!!!

We have had some issues this season and as of right now Black Diamonds does not have a summit bid. We are going for one at return to Atlantis in Baltimore in two weeks

If we’re not tweeting about cheer we’re insta’ing it #gogems #gojags @jayynardd @summerorsini
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Motown cheer representin’ in Ohio #gems #jcas @paigecorry  (at Greater Columbus Convention Center)
Foreheads are overrated

Anyone attending American Cheer Power in Ohio this weekend??

23. March 2014

Gems Cheer Stars Black Diamonds, Pearl, and Sparkle will be there!!


Gems Cheer Stars Seniors Flying 

Nikki, Brittany, Lena, Kristen, Bianca & Sara